Howard Suamico
Youth Sports Association

Flag Football

New in 2017 – In an effort to promote fair play, parity among teams and to drive consistency with other HSYSA programs, we will be holding a coach’s draft this year in place of the core 4 team assignment. The draft will contain a snaking draft order where the child from the head coach and one assistant coach will be placed on the team. All other players will be drafted by the coach accordingly.   


There are four leagues with an additional league for 13/14 year olds based on sufficient enrollment:

  •  Bucky Ball: Ages 3/4/5
  •  Ages 6/7
  •  Ages 8/9
  •  Ages 10/11/12
  •  Ages 13/14

My son is age 5 and I feel he can play in the 6 to 7 year league.

  • Please click here.

What will the practice schedule look like? 

  • The practice schedule is entirely developed and implemented by the team coach.  This means, the coach determines the day of the week, the time, how many times a week and where.

Does Bucky Ball have practice?

  • In short, no.  The bucky ball session lasts five weeks.  More information to come.

How will teams be established?

  • Teams will be established based on prior year rankings and a coaches draft.

Can I bring in food and/or drink for a treat after the game?

  • ABSOLUTELY NO WALK-IN FOOD ITEMS!  Why?  The proceeds for concessions are put back into the softball, baseball and flag football programs.  Every cent is needed and each time a treat and/or drink are brought in, those dollars are being stripped from the programs.
  • Please abide by these rules as this year they will be strictly enforced.  THANK YOU!