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Pee Wee Current Grade 4K – K:  This is and INSTRUCTIONAL Tee Ball league.  It is meant to foster fun and teach the girls the basic fundamentals of the game.  Play on Monday nights only. No scores are kept. Does not participate in tryouts.

Rookie League Current Grades 1-2-3 :  This is a beginning INSTRUCTIONAL Machine Pitch league. No Scores will be kept until the league tournament. No strikeouts- player will hit off tee after 5 pitches. Rookie league will be in the end of year league tournament. Does not participate in tryouts.

Minor League Current Grades 3-4-5:  This is an INSTRUCTIONAL kid/coach pitch league.  Kids pitch but coaches will pitch after 1 walk per inning.  Teams will be drafted to assure balanced teams.  Coaches will be required to rotate players between infield and outfield positions.

Junior League  Current Grades 5-6-7(12U) :  This will be a traveling league competing with teams from NE Wisconsin. Some travel is required as we will play between 5 and 7 home games and 3-5 away games.  Last years teams were Seymour, Oconto, HSYSA, Abrams, Bonduel and Shawano. Girls will apply the fundamentals of softball that they have learned in the previous years to advance skills and abilities.  See website for rules.  Teams will be drafted to assure balanced teams. Some player rotation is required.

Senior League   Current Grades 7-9 (14U)  We will play a 10 game schedule and will be part of a 12 team league featuring teams from HSYSA, Pulaski, Abrams, Gillette, Seymour, Bonduel.  Some travel is required as we will play between 5 and 7 home games and 3-5 away games. 

Rookie/Minor/Junior and Senior leagues play and practice on Monday and Wed nights. Pee Wee plays on Monday nights only.

Tournament teams:  HSYSA softball does not offer competitive tournament teams.  Additional tournament teams are available through another organization.  Pirate FastPitch offers tournament team opportunities for 8u through 16u.  See their website for additional contact info:

Play with a friend!

To encourage new participants in the youth softball program we are offering you the opportunity to play with a friend! Any girl who has participated it the HSYSA softball program in the past can sign up to be on the same team as a friend who has not participated it the HSYSA softball program in the past. Both girls must list each other on the registration form in the comments area and will be placed on the same team at the draft. Tee Ball participants can request to play with a friend even if neither girl participated last year. We encourage you to use this opportunity to introduce softball to a friend who may not have played in the past or who has thought about playing but did not want to end up on a team where she did not know anyone else. If you signed up to play with a friend in the past, the two girls may sign up together again in 2016.

Coaches and League Directors:

We will need lots of help this spring with our league. In addition to coaches we also need volunteers for various roles. Some volunteer projects are one night a few hours others involve multiple nights. If you are able to volunteer any amount of time this year please indicate on your child’s registration form in the appropriate area. There will be a coaches clinic in the spring. The time and location has not yet been determined.

Please email Softball League Coordinator Joe Jacques with any questions @


Pee-Wee League Rules

Rookie League Rules

Minor League Rules

12U Northland League Rules

14U Northland League Rules